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Stray Kids Felix Enamel Pin

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Stray Kids Felix Enamel Pin

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Pin Details
Hard Enamel
2" x 1.5"
Gold Lining & Plating
Embossed Logo at the Back
Screen Printed

All Wonderlous Works apparel, accessories & enamel pins are produced in China & are housed in San Diego, CA.

Grade Descriptions -

- Best Condition
- No defects

- May have Minor Defects (can’t tell from afar, unless you look very closely).
- Minor Defects CAN INCLUDE: specks of dirt, small air bubbles, lining faded/discoloration, small indents in the enamel, scratch marks in the metal, or discoloration in small areas.

- Has numerous Manufacturing Defects that are VERY noticeable.
- Defects can include: discoloration, unfilled colored spots, scratches in the enamel, spots of dirt, indents/scratches in the enamel.
- It has the least quality out of the batch.

I do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges-- unless I made a mistake in packing your order.